Reset ghost user account

Ghost blog by default uses the sqlite database. If you have 3 failed login attempts the system sets your account to disabled, I forgot my password so had to unlock and reset my account.

Install sqlite.

sudo apt-get install -y sqlite3  

Reset an account.

The ghost blog use the bcrypt to save the users password in sqlite database. Use an online BCrypt Hash Generator to generate your own.

A generic password of 53cUr3p455w0rd in bcrypt: $2a$06$r8UFW/E5438kupUj.ZCfluy6cYOKDZ/fAYJp3lERHL8FXyDr7xCiW

Resetting ghost blog user password

sqlite3 ~/ghost/content/dataghost.db  
UPDATE users SET password='<BCRYPT_PASS>',status='active' WHERE email='<EMAIL_ADDIE>';  

For example:.

UPDATE users SET password='$2a$06$r8UFW/E5438kupUj.ZCfluy6cYOKDZ/fAYJp3lERHL8FXyDr7xCiW' WHERE email='';  

To exit sqlite: